The planet is certainly filled with lonely people who long for companionship. Whether it is just to go out and have fun or to have sex. There are souls out there who can help you with this sort of thing if you are ready to pay a handsome buck for it. People do have a tendency to invest money in strange services which are actually legal. The future is undoubtedly here, thanks to the internet you can easily find an escort website and hire a guy or a girl to accompany you to whatever you want to do. Here is a list of weird things that people do when they hire escorts.

  1. You can hire a person to come and snuggle you. People have come up with an application for your mobile phone where you can select a person to come and spoon you while you sleep. A professional snuggle session for $50 for 45 minutes. If you want them to spend the night, you need to clear it with them. If you get aroused while snuggling, well then that’s awkward for you.
  2. You can rent a black friend. I am going to try and say this without being racist. The phrase “everyone needs a black friend” is out there and everybody feels it is a necessity. You can actually hire a black person who is on the escort app to come and hang out with you and your friends at events or parties.
  3. One of the weirdest entries on this list is the one where you can hire a person to professionally come and tickle you; because it is a legitimate fetish of some people where they get turned on if they are uncontrollably tickled. This person will charge you upwards of $100 for a session that is as long as an hour.
  4. Want someone to clean your house? Want it to be sexy? Well, there is a solution to that. You can hire someone to clean your home in sexy outfits. Some of them are escorts; some of them are not. It is indeed better if you don’t take any pictures without asking them first. Do not masturbate in front of them without clearing it with them. They can be hired for $100 or more.
  5. Feeling lonely? Want to go on a date? Well, there is a solution to every lonely problem. For $200 you can hire a person to go on a date with you. has got your back here. You cannot have sex with them; you can if you want, but you can’t charge them for it. They can be hired to take you to a wedding, events, etc.