There are a whole lot of people who have weird sex fetishes. They will be something that we cannot relate at any level. At the same time, there are a lot of sexual fetishes that will be very common for most of the people. In this article, we will see some of the most common sexual fetishes.


There are good possibilities that you might have guessed by yourself. When it comes to sexual fetishes feet is obviously very common, and it will definitely clinch the top spot. Even though both men and women have feet fetish, it is especially men who always have a thing for women’s feet.

High heels

The high heel is the kind of fetish that is very much confined to men. In some rare cases, women also have a thing for high heels. Most men have stated that it is one of their biggest turn on. Some of them even like their women to wear high heels in bed while having sex.


This is definitely a kind of fetish that both men and women have. Biting the ear lobes will increase the sex drive like no other. You have heard, and there are good chances that you might have done it during sex, and you know that it really works.


It does not matter whether it is the short hair of men or the long hair of women, both like to play with it. It is not necessary for us to say how men can hold the hair of women and get aggressive and how women can crease through men’s hair and be so passionate.


There are good possibilities that fetish for underwear can come out as a very perverted action. If you have thought that it is just a thing that is shown in porn you are absolutely wrong. There are a lot of people especially men who have a fetish for underwear. Generally, men love the scene when the women put on or take off their underwear.


There are no second thoughts that men love the entire women’s body. But there are a few parts that will get more attention. One among them is the navel. But there are also preferences. Some men like some extra flesh and some like a perfectly maintained athletic navel. This is the reason why most men plant so many kisses on navel during sex.

Body piercings

Body piercing is one of the fetishes that you find among people who enjoy pain. But this very much confined to the younger generation. Piercing in particular areas is a great turn on for many.


When it comes to sexual fetish tattoos and body piercings does not have much of a difference. They have the same concept, and there are a lot of people who love to have tattoos and enjoy their sex partner having tattoos.