One of the main reasons that escorts should screen clients is because, any man with $500 could hire an escort; that doesn’t mean he is a quality client, it doesn’t mean he has isn’t a weirdo who saved up just so he can command weird sex with an escort. Escorts should screen clients because it would be beneficial to their physical safety and sexual pleasure as well. Every seasoned escort would know how crucial it is to screen clients.  Amateur escorts who are desperate for money usually take any kind of client they can get and then learn the importance of screening.

Typically, one faces dangerous situations physically and financially. For instance, if a client is well built and physically abuses you and flees without paying you, what exactly can you do at that moment? Many guys have a kink of beating women, and they get aroused by this; yes I know its filthy, but the world is filled with weirdos like this. This would classify as an abusive customer, and you have all the rights to call the police and report domestic abuse.

–    A stone-clad screening process shows your clients and your colleagues that you’re a professional. When you are contacted by a client, you need to ask him about his background, nothing too personal. You can judge by the way he speaks if he is a decent human or not. When you meet him, you can judge the same by examining his appearance. You need to give respect and take respect. This is a statement from an escort who has a proper screening process.

“ I make sure to never take my profession lightly; not every client deserves a spot in my mind or my bed. I confirm that they are chivalrous individuals with a verified job, enough money in his bank account to pay me for months, a decent living situation, etc. All of this would prove what kind of a man he is. During the process, you will even find what the client likes and his fantasies, which you may like to fulfil.”

–    Screening your clients can keep time wasters and scammers away. A lot of escorts complain that clients do not look anything like their pictures. Some people begin haggling and asking for discounts. This is considered very unprofessional and very cheap. If you are deciding to hire an escort, you need to be ready to pay a premium price for premium services.

–    When you are on the phone with a client, ask them for their real name, so that you can start the background checking process.

–    Ask your clients to send real, unedited pictures so that you know what you would be dealing with. Too many escorts have been cheated by clients who look hot in the pictures they send but look nothing like it when they meet them in real life.