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The support of these reliable companies and individuals is the foundation of Tri-Town Shelter.

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Homeless Shelters in Connecticut

Why Does Tri-Town Shelter Exist?

Tri-Town Shelter Services has existed since 1984. Those from the three towns of Vernon, Tolland, and Ellington saw a visible increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness. Being a group of compassionate citizens, they decided to do something about this. Over three decades later, the need is greater still.

Homelessness is the absence of place. It is displacement. It is the struggle to be placed. We exist so people experiencing this have a place in which to rediscover themselves.

Homelessness is the undesirable plight of those who have been given a limited deck of cards with which to engage life. We exist to deal them in. It’s about letting go of some cards and picking up others. It’s about new plays, new strategies.

Homelessness is the result of individual and societal factors. We exist to identify the lifestyle choices and systemic factors that hinder a person’s ability to flourish. It’s about creating a pathway towards recovery and productivity.

Homelessness is about leveraging resiliency, redirecting resourcefulness, and regaining something lost. We exist to come alongside those who are trying to find their bearings. It’s about being with and learning from those in life recovery.

Homelessness occurs when personal, employment, and economic factors, along with a shortage of affordable housing intersect. We exist to meet them here and to find alternate routes.

We exist as a safety net for vulnerable families and adults.

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